A little more about me… I attended University of North Texas back in 2000, majoring in Computer Science. Unfortunately it only lasted for two and a half years, after which I transferred to North Central Texas College and received my associates degree in Computer Systems Information & Technology.

I attended Texas State Technical College and graduated in 2009 with two associates, Web Design and Web Development.

I worked for Support Services Group providing technical support on electronic devices such as mp3 players, electronic vehicle chargers, personal cloud storage, web and email filter devices and AV entertainment systems.

I also worked for Mission Waco Mission World, where I was a part time I.T. specialist after my main responsibility of being a food service manager. As an I.T. Specialist I maintained the health of many desktops, troubleshoot network issues and install hardwares such as printers and routers.

Currently I am serving as a food service manager at Family Abuse Center. I have been there since 2017.

I have two children, Ezra and Esther and we live in Waco. We attend Church Under the Bridge on Sunday mornings.

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